Dictionary v0.13b

March 2016, Current for Release 21

March 15, 2016

Updated to dictionary version 0.13b. Change between 0.13b and 0.13a:

  • Added checks for codelist terms in MVEL script restrictions.
  • Changed valueType for fields using codelists from "INTEGER" to "TEXT" to take codelist terms into account.
  • Added additional description for "tumour_stage" and "donor_tumour_stage_at_diagnosis" fields.

January 19, 2016

Updated to dictionary version 0.13a. Change between 0.12e and 0.13a:

  • Added two new specimen types terms to specimen.0.specimen_type.v3 codelist: "Metastatic tumour - other" and "Cell line - derived from xenograft tumour"
  • Added new term to GLOBAL.0.platform.v1 codelist: "Affymetrix OncoScan FFPE Express 3.0"