Apply for Access to Controlled Data

Data Access Control Bodies

ICGC projects have two separate access control bodies. US based projects are controlled by dbGap, while non-US projects are authorized by the ICGC Data Access Compliance Office (DACO). To download controlled data, user must apply for access at corresponding data access control body.


Follow the proceedure outlined at the DACO page.

Once your DACO access application is completed and approved, your email will become associated with an OpenID, and you will be granted access to the ICGC controlled access datasets available through Cancer Genome Collaboratory, AWS Virginia, the EBI’s EGA repository and ICGC Data Portal.

Please note: EGA is not responsible to grant access to ICGC data hosted at EGA.


One of the widely used access control system is database of Genotypes and Phenotypes Authorized Access program. dbGaP requires an eRA account to log in and register. If you need to register your organization you will need your organization's signing offical to participate in the registration process.

If you encounter difficulties, the dbGaP help desk is available.