Submission API

This is the public API documentation for the Submission System.

Release and Dictionary States

A dictionary can be either OPENED or CLOSED. A release can also be OPENED or COMPLETED, yet the two have slightly different meaning so this may be confusing. To summarize:

  • COMPLETED release: frozen past releases
  • OPENED release: the "next" release - only ever one at a time
  • CLOSED dictionary: frozen dictionary that was used by a past release
  • OPENED dictionary: updatable dictionary that is not used by a past releaseĀ 

Code Lists

Get Code List by Name

The following will get a single codelist in JSON format, where 'myCodeListName' is the name of the codelist you want to retrieve

curl -v -XGET -H "Accept: application/json"

Get All Code Lists

The following will return a JSON document that includes an array of all the code lists on the server.

curl -v -XGET -H "Accept: application/json"


Get Current Dictionary

This will return the current dictionary in JSON format.

curl -v -XGET -H "Accept: application/json"


  • This uses a different end-point, the NextRelease end-point

Get All Dictionaries

This will give you all the dictionaries, including past CLOSED dictionaries, as an array.

curl -v -XGET -H "Accept: application/json"

Get Dictionary by Version

The following allows you to retrieve a particular version of the dictionary, where 'versionNum' is the dictionary version number you want to retrieve.

curl -v -XGET -H "Accept: application/json"

Get All Dictionary Versions

The following allows you to retrieve all available dictionary versions. Each version will also have a list of releases that it is associated with.

curl -v -XGET -H "Accept: application/json"

Get Current Dictionary

The following allows you to retrieve the current dictionary.

curl -v -XGET -H "Accept: application/json"