Selective Validation Feature


The purpose of Selective Validation is to allow a project submitter to validate a subset of their submitted Data Types in batches. This should produce considerable time savings since once a Data Type is successfully validated, it does not need to be validated again for the current release (some exceptions apply, please see below).


The following describes how this feature operates:

  • From the release submission page, a project submitter may select a subset of Data Types to validate
  • At least one Data Type must be selected to validate
  • Clinical Data will always need to be revalidated with any selected Data Types
  • If the Dictionary changes after validating a Data Type, all available Data Types will be "reset" to "NOT VALIDATED"
  • A submitter may only validate one batch at a time, per project
  • Files may not be modified while validation is in progress
  • Uploading, removing or renaming a file via SFTP will reset the Data Type that is associated with said file
  • If a Clinical Data file is modified, it will reset all Data Types